Monday, February 9, 2009

12 REAL RICHES in Life (9 of 12)

REAL RICHES #9:An Open Mind Towards All People on All Subjects
When Copernicus said the Earth was round, people laughed and had him killed. When Sam Walton setup his store so that customers could shuffle through products and shop for themselves, he was told that this concept would never work. How many great inventions or opportunities have been created because someone had an open mind and listened to an idea, then took a chance on it? How many more opportunities have been lost because of a close mind? When you go through life, you will meet new people and observe new ideas, products, and things. You will need to decipher which information and people you will accept into your life. However, be careful not to reject people or subjects. That person or subject may have the potential to be a key to your success.

Soak up Life and others Like a Sponge
If you are open to new things and others’ ideas, you can always and easily absorb new information and expand your knowledge in order to grow. An open mind is flexible and like a sponge, but when you close your mind to subjects and people, you prevent yourself from learning and growing. You become stiff and stale. Your closed mind rejects the bad ideas with the good. Let all subjects and people flow freely into your life and use your wisdom and experience to decide which to accept into your life.


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