Friday, February 13, 2009

12 REAL RICHES in Life (12 of 12)

REAL RICHES #12Financial Security
It seems ironic that the last and least of the “12 Real Riches in Life” is financial security. We often directly associate riches with money more than anything else. That is often a problem of why it is so difficult for many people to achieve real riches in life. They think money, and money alone will bring happiness, success, and riches. They are actually working backwards. They have their shoes on, but haven’t put on their pants. If you build your riches by first working on the fundamentals of your life such as: your attitude, health, relationships, understanding, etc., you are building a solid foundation for your success and happiness. It is a much more balanced and wholesome way to get the most out of life, and by going this route, you will naturally attract opportunities into your life that bring you success and happiness. It will not be forced, it will come smoothly and naturally.

Don't Force It
On the contrary, if you focus all of your energy on making money and try to force it, riches will be much more difficult to attract. You will be constantly fighting yourself and if you do succeed in making money as your riches, but fail to achieve any of the other 11 riches, you will find that your life is very empty, without purpose. Your life will not have a solid foundation. It will be more like a house of cards that can easily come crashing down with the first gust of wind or minor set back. If you have built all of your 12 riches in life and face some situation that leaves you financially bankrupt, it is not such a big deal. You can easily get your finances back in line, and you have your other 11 riches in life to fall back on. However, when the person who only has financial security, with a bad attitude, no true friends, and poor health loses their money, they are left with nothing. Don’t find yourself in that same situation. Take your life one step at a time, one day at a time. Begin today, and do it the right way. Your life is worth it, and you will thank yourself for the rest of your life. Today is a reflection of your entire life. Why not make today the proudest day of your life?

Start with Today...Make it Simple
Today, I will give something to a stranger without expecting anything in return.
What is something you will do to make today the proudest day of your life? Share your ideas with others.

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