Friday, February 6, 2009

12 REAL RICHES in Life (6 of 12)

REAL RICHES #6:A Capacity for Applied Faith
Once you decide your goal or purpose in life, you must have faith and truly believe that you will receive it. It’s not enough just to say “I want to become a pilot.” You must truly believe that you will become a pilot. You must imagine yourself already as a pilot. Think like a pilot, talk like a pilot, act like a pilot would act. If you do this, your mind will start to actually believe that you are a pilot and you will have no other choice than to live into your dream. Once you convince your mind of something, your body, spirit, and everything in you will make it become a reality. That is a unique characteristic of humans.

If You Believe…You Can Achieve
So how do you become a pilot? Start studying pilots’ behaviors, rent pilot movies, read pilot books, subscribe to pilot magazines. Make your dream become a constant reality, an everyday focus of your life. If you do this, your dream will consume you and you will be forced to achieve your goal. Also, you will greatly reduce the amount of time that it takes for you to reach your goal and start living your true purpose. Be like an actor who is about to play the part of a character in a movie. The best actors and actresses submerge themselves into the live of their character. They study their behavior and lifestyle…how they talk, walk, think, and every small detail that they can pick up. Now, if you start to change the way you think and start acting like a pilot, people may not understand, but that is OK. If you really want to be a pilot, and that is your true purpose, why should you care what others think. If you explain to them that you want to become a pilot and you are trying to do everything you can to become a pilot, they should understand. If they don’t, then they never will. Don’t waste your time trying to convince or change someone when they don’t want to change. Let your actions speak to them. If you truly live your life like a pilot and become a pilot, your actions will have a much greater affect on these people than your words ever could. Lead by an example and let your actions do your talking.

A Little Faith Can Move Mountains
Faith is one of the most powerful things in the world. A small dose can change the world. To really believe in something with a passion or energy is a secret that can bring anything you want into your life. It is called the Law of Attraction. If I focus my mind on something that I really want and believe I will have, it will be attracted to me and find me. It will enter my life and I will have it. Did you ever have a dream or think about someone, possibly a long lost friend? Then, out of the blue, within days, that friend contacts you? That is the Law of Attraction at work. Did you ever think, I want to go to Italy, and within hours, you receive an email about discount airline tickets to Rome? You know what I’m talking about, everybody does. Everyone has said “I was just thinking about that!” The Law of Attraction works for small things and big things alike. It works for good things and bad things. It only depends on what you truly believe in with focused energy. If you are always thinking and worrying about money, then you will attract money problems into your life. You will always have and continue to have money problems. But if you focus on making money and ways to make money, then you will attract ways to make money into your life. You will receive exactly what you think about. It is an amazing power, available to everyone, but very few people use it to their benefit. People like Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford used this principle throughout their lives to achieve great success and riches. You can learn about the law of attraction and how these great men used it in this book or watch it in this movie. Will you use this gift as well? Take out your purpose, write it down in big letters, hang it up, let it consume your life, and believe that you will achieve it. Soon you will attract what you believe into your life and your dream will have become your reality.


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