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Increase Targeted Blog Traffic Today!

Learning how to increase targeted blog traffic today and watch it continue to increase is relatively simple if you know what you're doing. This guide will show you a few specific tips of what to do to increase Targeted Web Site traffic to your blog.

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Some people may ask: "Is Bukisa open to non-US residents?"
It's one of the few websites where you can make money as a non US resident and also increase website traffic to your blog or web site.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

20 TRUE WAYS to SAVE & MAKE extra MONEY every day!

• Want to make extra income?

• Looking for TRUE ways to save and make money that really work?

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• Would you like to wake up everyday, and see how much money you've made while you were sleeping? I do, and I'm actually excited to wake up every morning! The best thing about it is that the money continues to grow with little or no work from me after the income stream is set up.

Would you like to watch your money
It's not hard to do this. You just need to know what works and where to look.

My name is Grant. I'm just a regular guy that made a decision not to spend the rest of my life in a cubicle. I don't pretend to be a guru, or someone who is making a million dollars a day, but I am making a nice profit from passive income every single day.

How did I start making passive income?
I basically did trial and error searching for ways to make and save money. Not surprisingly, I found out that there's a lot of garbage out there that doesn't work. I also found some ways that are honest and really do work. I've put them together in this ebook. These are legitimate ways to save and make extra money passively everyday.

Why is this ebook helpful?
If someone tells you that you can make money doing something, what questions do you immediately ask?

Three questions that pop in my head are:
1. What do I have to do?
2. How much can I make?
3. How do I do it?

It's simple.
But most ebooks present an idea and give you some vague ideas about the topic, but don't really tell you what you need to know. This ebook tells you exactly what to do, how much you can actually make, and the step-by-step way to do it.

What will you learn in this ebook?
  • How to Remove unnecessary items from your Mortgage
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  • How to Get Paid for the Photos on your Computer
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  • How to Save & Earn by Transferring Money
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  • How to Earn Money from your Mortgage Escrow
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  • Plus...
20 True Ways to SAVE & MAKE extra MONEY every day also includes:
  • A Step-by-Step Guide
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  • Income Proof
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  • Resources
    Links to online tools and sites that will help you save and earn money right away.
  • Custom made Calculators and Charts
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  • Additional Tips
    At the end of the chapters provide little known hints and advice to ensure that you earn and save the most possible, and help you to stay on track.
I fully believe in this product and I am happy to put my name on it. I have worked hard to complete this ebook and can attest that these ideas do work because I've done them myself. These ideas have worked for me and they can easily work for you as well. I assure you that I'm not selling just another ebook to make a profit. I actually would like to see you succeed. I truly believe that you will find these methods beneficial. If you don't, I will gladly refund your purchase.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. I have not had a single request for a refund yet. If you try my method for 30 days and don't see results, I'll refund your purchase! You have nothing to lose.

Listen to what others have said:
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Thanks Grant!"
Andy Reece
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"I have never read something so completed as how to earn your money and how to keep more of them for yourself!
Great book Grant!"

Fort Myers, Fl
"A very detailed and thoughtful ebook that anyone, especially today, can find very useful! Bravo!"

-Pat Flynn
Smart Passive Income

Ask yourself this question?
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Would you do it?
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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How to make a $25 referral fee by signing up for Bank of America free checking

How to Recieve the Bank of America $25 Referral Fee Bonus

Bank of America will pay you a $25 referral fee when you sign up for a Bank of America free checking account.

Bank of America will ask you what your state is. Just enter your state, and you will be taken to another web page.

On this page, you can select which type of checking account you would like to open. They offer two free checking accounts. One is for adults and one is for students. MyAccess Checking® is the free checking account for adults. CampusEdge® Checking is the free checking account for students. Both of these are great choices if you want a free checking account with no minimum balance required. It's free to sign up for these accounts, and you can receive $25 from Bank of America when you sign up. Now you just have to think of what you'd like to spend the $25 referral fee on?

Tips and Warnings:
  • Be aware that if you sign up for the Bank of America Advantage® Checking account, it is not totally free. You must maintain a $5,000 average daily balance, otherwise you have to pay a $20 monthly maintenance fee.

  • If you just want the free checking account and the free $25 referral fee, sign up for one of the free checking accounts like: MyAccess Checking® or CampusEdge® Checking.
Do you know of any other referral fees available? Please share them below.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

INVESTING lien tax

INVESTING Lien Tax Properties
What are government tax lien certificates or tax deeds? What’s in it for me?
How about high returns on your money of 18-20%, sometimes 25%...which are guaranteed by the government! Tax certificates result from properties that the owner has not paid the taxes on. Therefore, the government puts a lien on the property and lets you pay their taxes for them. You receive your money when the owner pays back the taxes. If the owner doesn’t pay the back taxes, you could receive a nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath home for $5,000!

How do I find Available Tax Certificates?
First you need to find your county’s property tax website or contact information. To do this, go to Google.com and type in your county and state + “property tax collector”, “property treasurer” or “property taxes”. Once you locate your county’s property tax office, look on their website, email or phone them and find out where you can find a list of their “delinquent tax properties.” (Sometimes it will be on their website, or in a local newspaper). Also ask when their tax sale is held and for a copy of the rules of their tax sale. (Keep in mind that different counties and states call the tax sale by different names such as: tax deed sales, government tax lien certificate sales, lien tax properties, and tax levy sale...but they’re all the same thing.)

Which Tax Certificates Should I Buy?
Once you have found a list of the properties available, you should find out which real estate properties are valuable for you to bid on at the tax deed sale and which ones you should cross off the list. To do this, visit your county’s property appraiser website and search the public records for each property listed in areas that you desire. Most counties have this info online. If your county doesn’t, then you must go to your county property appraiser’s office to look at hard copies of the delinquent property records. Overall, the best properties you should focus on are the ones with the lowest risk and easiest potential to sell in case you end up owning the property. You should avoid vacant land as a beginner because this is the riskiest. Single family homes in decent to good neighborhoods are a safe bet and should be your focus. Begin to narrow down your list to properties you are interested in according to area, recent sales history, and estimated home value.

To find the estimated home value of a property look on your county’s property appraiser records website or do a search here: Find Estimated Home Value

Evaluate the Lien Tax Property.
Take your list of the best properties and go visit them in person. Get a feel for the neighborhood, the outside of the home, take pictures and notes. I can’t stress this enough. It is critical that you visit the property. I have done research on properties that looked like gold mines on paper, but when I actually saw the home in its current condition, I found that a car had wrecked into it and took out the brick wall side of the home! Believe me, you will thank yourself for spending the extra time to visit the property. Once you get a few tax lien certificates or tax deed sales under your belt, you will be able to quickly analyze and pick the best properties.

Decide Before You Bid.
Before you go to the government tax lien certificate sale or tax deed sales, you should already know what properties you want to bid on, and what your maximum bid will be. (As a general rule of thumb, you should always keep your max bid to at least 60% or less than estimated market value of the home to leave room for profit and unexpected repair costs, etc.) If you win the bid for a tax certificate or tax deed and the delinquent owner pays his taxes, you can expect a nice return on your money sometimes 20% or more! If the owner doesn’t pay his taxes, you could find yourself becoming the owner of a new piece of real estate that you got at a bargain price...thanks to your effort and research. Either way, if you do it right, it could be a win-win outcome for you and an exciting project. Investing in tax certificates can be much safer than investing in stocks, and provide a much greater return on your investment than a bank savings account.

Investing in real estate tax lien certificates and tax deeds can be very profitable and fun. It does involve research of properties to minimize risk. I have given you a brief overview of the process but once you decide to invest in tax certificates, you will need to learn about the details and rules of buying tax certificates in your state and county. If you really want a detailed step-by-step guide on investing in tax lien certificates, I can personally recommend a down-to-earth guide written by an experienced tax certificate investor named Larry Loftis. His book is titled:
Profit by Investing in Real Estate Tax Liens: Earn Safe, Secured, and Fixed Returns Every Time

This book has everything you need to know about how to get started, without all of the fluff and empty promises that some other books and websites say about tax certificates. Mr. Loftis made the seemingly complex process of buying tax certificates simple by breaking down the process into small steps. You don’t need to buy some elaborate course or collection of books. This is the only material you will need to get started.

Grant’s Tip:
Here is an estimate of the interest you can earn by investing in tax lien certificates according to these states:
Arkansas - 16%
California - 18%
Connecticut - 18%
Florida - 18%
Georgia - 20%
Iowa - 24%
Louisiana - 12%
New Hampshire - 18%
Rhode Island - 18%
Texas - 25%

If you've enjoyed this article,
I believe you will also enjoy my ebook. It is filled with information just like this on how to make money and save money.

Do you have any stories or questions you'd like to share about lien tax properties or tax deed auctions? Please post them below.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How to Start Making Passive Income

Make Money While You Sleep
Start to make passive income the right way and quickly. Passive income can put extra money into your pocket and bank account while you sleep with little or no work from you.

What is Passive Income?
Many people are confused about what passive income is. Passive income is making money with little or no effort other than your initial effort and watching as your income grows while you sleep.

Passive Income vs. Traditional Employment Income
The main difference between passive income and traditional employment income is this: If you stop working, does your income stop? If it does, it’s not passive. On the other hand, if you have some income source that continues to make you money while you sleep, when you’re on vacation, or after you stop working, then that is passive income, and in my mind, it is the best kind of income.

More Passive Income = More Free Time
Passive income frees up your time so that you can spend it on the people and things that are the most meaningful in your life. The fastest way to reach your financial and life goals of establishing wealth is to focus on ways to increase your passive income and passive savings every month. The great thing about passive income and passive savings is that once you set up the initial system, it will continue to earn and save you money for as long as the system is in place. It becomes a long-term way to earn and save money and requires little or no more effort from you other than the initial work to set up the system. If done correctly, these ideas and savings can help provide financial stability for you and your family to live off of for the rest of your life.

Do You Have the Desire?
You must have the desire to begin earning passive income. If you have the desire to stop working for a boss or someone who tells you when you're coming and going. If you don't like to be told to work on Saturdays or nights while you miss your child's game or recital. If you just want to stop wasting your time in a cubicle and would like to spend your time doing things that really have purpose in your life, then making passive income could be a great solution for you. What's your purpose?

Double Your Chances of Success
You must do some initial research work upfront to find ways to make money passively. You should also look for ways to automatically save money at the same time. By looking for ways to save and make money, you will be doubling your chances of building wealth and financial security.

Forget Ready, Set... Ready, Set....Just Go For It!
Once you find an opportunity that seems promising, you need to jump at it and give it a shot. Use the "Fire, aim, ready" method instead of the "Ready, aim, fire" method. What I mean is try it first, don't worry about finding the perfect opportunity or wasting too much time on figuring out the system. If you do that, you will spend too much time researching ideas and very little time finding and actually making money from systems. If you find an opportunity to save or make money and it seems honest and like it has a good potential, give it a shot. If you try and it produces nothing, you move onto the next idea. If it produces any income or savings at all, then it is worth exploring further. Even if it only makes you 1 cent. It is still passive income. It might make you 1 cent every day for the rest of your life with no more work that the initial set up. Would 1 cent every day be worth it to you? If a person lives 60 years making one cent a day, that would be $219. Not much, but if you only spent one hour setting up the system, that would be 219 dollars an hour! It's a pretty good wage, don't you say? Imagine if you could set up 10 of the same kind of passive income streams? you would make 10 cents every day. Or 100 of the same passive income streams for $1.00 every day. Anyways, you get the picture. If you can make 1 cent from an idea, then you can make $1 from the same idea or $10, etc.

Multiple Streams of Income are Better and Safer than One
Focus on the best ideas that you find that produce the most passive savings and earnings. However, do not focus all of your income or savings from one source. That wouldn't be very profitable if all of your eggs were in one basket and and your basket got dropped. You would loose all of your passive income streams all at once. So it is wise to diversify after you begin making passive income and savings from one source. Find multiple streams of income.

Live Your Dream, Not Your Boss's!

Get Motivated and begin searching for honest and real ways to being making passive income and savings. Soon you may find yourself as your own boss. Giving yourself the day off of work to spend time with your family. Go on that adventure you always dreamed of, or do something great and meaningful for someone else.

What is Your Dream? What is Your Goal?
Write it down and post it here for others to see. "Written goals have a way of transforming wishes into wants; cant's into cans; dreams into plans; and plans into reality. Don't just think it - ink it!" - Author Unknown

Monday, February 16, 2009

Do You Have Ideas to Save Money?
Do You Have Ideas to Make Money?
Share them here:

Give an idea, take an idea.
A great way to learn is to share your experiences with others. Post and share your ideas about making and saving money here.

Friday, February 13, 2009

12 REAL RICHES in Life (12 of 12)

REAL RICHES #12Financial Security
It seems ironic that the last and least of the “12 Real Riches in Life” is financial security. We often directly associate riches with money more than anything else. That is often a problem of why it is so difficult for many people to achieve real riches in life. They think money, and money alone will bring happiness, success, and riches. They are actually working backwards. They have their shoes on, but haven’t put on their pants. If you build your riches by first working on the fundamentals of your life such as: your attitude, health, relationships, understanding, etc., you are building a solid foundation for your success and happiness. It is a much more balanced and wholesome way to get the most out of life, and by going this route, you will naturally attract opportunities into your life that bring you success and happiness. It will not be forced, it will come smoothly and naturally.

Don't Force It
On the contrary, if you focus all of your energy on making money and try to force it, riches will be much more difficult to attract. You will be constantly fighting yourself and if you do succeed in making money as your riches, but fail to achieve any of the other 11 riches, you will find that your life is very empty, without purpose. Your life will not have a solid foundation. It will be more like a house of cards that can easily come crashing down with the first gust of wind or minor set back. If you have built all of your 12 riches in life and face some situation that leaves you financially bankrupt, it is not such a big deal. You can easily get your finances back in line, and you have your other 11 riches in life to fall back on. However, when the person who only has financial security, with a bad attitude, no true friends, and poor health loses their money, they are left with nothing. Don’t find yourself in that same situation. Take your life one step at a time, one day at a time. Begin today, and do it the right way. Your life is worth it, and you will thank yourself for the rest of your life. Today is a reflection of your entire life. Why not make today the proudest day of your life?

Start with Today...Make it Simple
Today, I will give something to a stranger without expecting anything in return.
What is something you will do to make today the proudest day of your life? Share your ideas with others.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

12 REAL RICHES in Life (11 of 12)

REAL RICHES #11:Wisdom with which to Understand People
Have you heard of someone who is a ‘people person,’…someone who is great at dealing with and understanding people. Those types of people are natural leaders. People flock to them and rally to support them. If you can condition yourself to listen and understand people, you can become a great leader. You can connect with large groups of people who can multiply your efforts and help you grow personally and in your business life. Try to always put yourself into other peoples’ shoes. Understand the situation from their point of view. While growing up, I always viewed other countries people, culture, and news from my country’s point of view. I made uneducated assumptions about other cultures. It wasn’t until I had the chance to begin traveling during my university years that I began to really understand other people from their perspective. I began to understand that there is much more out there than my small town train of thought. The world is vast and offers a variety of people, customs, and culture. Until you begin to see situations from other people’s point of view, you don’t really understand the situation and you cannot truly help. Every problem or situation affects individuals differently. Your challenge should be to find out how a situation is affecting the person you are communicating with and build your solution from their point of view.

Can Walmart Fail?
Walmart has become known in America as a very successful business system. It seems like it is impossible for this store to fail. Why do people shop there? Why are they successful? Plain and simple, they understand the American people. Their generation of customers want value, convenience, and variety at an affordable price. Walmart delivers that all under one roof. The result is, they are successful. They understand the American people. However, take this same company and business system, and apply it to South Korea. It’s bound to succeed, all people are looking for the same benefits in a store…right? I’ve been to a Walmart store in Anyang, South Korea that offered the same great value, convenience, and variety at an affordable price to Koreans. The Walmart failed miserably and was taken over by a similar Korean “Walmart” named E-mart, that immediately became a big success. Why did Walmart fail if these businesses were very similar? Walmart did not understand its customers. Walmart did not understand the Korean people. To Americans, it may seem strange to have several male meat department workers with chef hats shouting at customers how delicious their steaks and ribs are. It may seem like a waste of money to have an employee at every aisle cooking foods and handing out samples. However, these are the things that the Korean people are familiar with and come to expect. It is proof that if you don’t understand people, you can’t truly provide a good service for them. Every time you speak with a co-worker, friend, or even a stranger, really listen to them and look at the situation from their shoes or sandals. That is the only way you can truly understand and help them.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

12 REAL RICHES in Life (10 of 12)

REAL RICHES #10:Complete Self Discipline
We have all heard of or know someone who has been blessed with some great talent and ability. But maybe this person has some equally great weakness. King Solomon was regarded as the wisest person alive. Other kings and queens were amazed with his wisdom. He was powerful and wealthy beyond measure. However, with all of his great wisdom, he failed to follow the advice of his religion and advisors by marrying multiple women from various countries. He was very well disciplined in many aspects of his life, but he let his guard down in this one department. This lack of discipline became his downfall. Many of the great things he accomplished during his lifetime and his great knowledge became tarnished because of his lack of complete self discipline. To achieve great success and happiness, it is important to be self disciplined. By not having discipline, we risk losing everything we’ve gained and worked for. Discipline yourself by forming good habits, by being consistent and following through with your promises. If there is something that continues to make you fall backward in life or restrict your progress, identify the problem and take control of it now. Establish some guidelines for yourself to control this problem now before it restricts your personal growth.
Habit Replacement
If you have some bad habit that you want to change, replace that habit with something good. Habit replacement is one of the best ways for us to cope with quitting something that has a negative impact on our lives. If drinking or smoking makes you fall back in life, find out what it is about drinking or smoking that you enjoy. Is it the social enjoyment it provides, does it just feel natural or like your routine? Try to come up with some good habit to replace the bad habit. Soon, your new habit might make the bad habit become a thing of the past. When faced with the bad habit of wasting hours watching TV, Groucho Marks said “I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.” In doing so, Groucho was turning a bad habit into something good. If you have a sweet tooth, every time you have an urge for sweets, have some fruit available and eat a piece of fruit instead of candy. Soon, you will begin to crave the fruit more than the candy. You’re bad habit for candies will be replaced with a good and healthy habit of eating fruits.

Replace All Your Bad Habits with Better Ones
You can apply this same concept of habit replacement with any bad habit in order to form self discipline. Find out what is holding you back from growing today and think of ways to replace that habit with a better and more beneficial habit.


Monday, February 9, 2009

12 REAL RICHES in Life (9 of 12)

REAL RICHES #9:An Open Mind Towards All People on All Subjects
When Copernicus said the Earth was round, people laughed and had him killed. When Sam Walton setup his store so that customers could shuffle through products and shop for themselves, he was told that this concept would never work. How many great inventions or opportunities have been created because someone had an open mind and listened to an idea, then took a chance on it? How many more opportunities have been lost because of a close mind? When you go through life, you will meet new people and observe new ideas, products, and things. You will need to decipher which information and people you will accept into your life. However, be careful not to reject people or subjects. That person or subject may have the potential to be a key to your success.

Soak up Life and others Like a Sponge
If you are open to new things and others’ ideas, you can always and easily absorb new information and expand your knowledge in order to grow. An open mind is flexible and like a sponge, but when you close your mind to subjects and people, you prevent yourself from learning and growing. You become stiff and stale. Your closed mind rejects the bad ideas with the good. Let all subjects and people flow freely into your life and use your wisdom and experience to decide which to accept into your life.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

12 REAL RICHES in Life (8 of 12)

REAL RICHES #8:To be Engaged in a Labor of Love
When you love what you do, you have an unending amout of motivation and energy to complete your work. Most of us spend a majority of our waking hours at work. If you are spending all of this time working, why shouldn’t you be doing something that you love, or at least enjoy? Why settle for a job only because it makes you money? I’m not saying to quit your job today, but now that you understand your purpose, why not spend a little time to look for work which would be more in line with your life purpose; something that brings you enjoyment. If you want to be a pilot, and you currently dislike your job as a school janitor, why not look for something that is leading you to your goal faster, or something that would give you some enjoyment. Even if it just seems like a small step and you still find a job in your field, you could find a janitor job in a flight school or even an airport. The point is to make any step you can to make your work more meaningful and enjoyable. This “labor of love” concept also applies to your hobbies. If you love to play the guitar, and you haven’t played the guitar for years, it just makes sense to start playing the guitar again. If it brings you enjoyment, it is not silly to have a hobby. Actually, it is silly not to do it. Doing some enjoyable hobby or activity that you love revitalizes our minds and helps us to relax and relieve stress. Find a group of others who also share the same hobby. You might even find that you can turn your hobby into a career. Wouldn’t it be great to get paid for doing what you love?


Saturday, February 7, 2009

12 REAL RICHES in Life (7 of 12)

REAL RICHES #7:Willingness to Share Your Blessings with Others
You need to give in order to receive. If you are grateful enough to be blessed with good things or achieve some success, you should share your goodness with others. Why? Giving to others is one of the most valuable and rewarding things you can do. It will give you a sense of meaning, you can make a direct effect on the lives of others. You can see the happiness your giving instills in others, and it will bring happiness back into your life. Often times, this happiness is multiplied when it returns to you.

Instant Karma
It is often said “What comes around, goes around.” If you are always giving to others, you cannot help but to be blessed and receive great things in your life. Even if you do not have great wealth or riches, you can still give. There is always someone else who is less fortunate than you. Giving should be done so willingly, without regret, and with no expectancy to receive something in return. The greatest giving occurs when you give to someone who cannot pay you back or when the person you are giving to doesn’t even know who gave to them. Giving doesn’t need to be involved exclusively with money. You can give to others your advice, a helping hand, your experience, or even a nice gesture or compliment. Share and give something to someone today and watch as you yourself are blessed with goodness.


Friday, February 6, 2009

12 REAL RICHES in Life (6 of 12)

REAL RICHES #6:A Capacity for Applied Faith
Once you decide your goal or purpose in life, you must have faith and truly believe that you will receive it. It’s not enough just to say “I want to become a pilot.” You must truly believe that you will become a pilot. You must imagine yourself already as a pilot. Think like a pilot, talk like a pilot, act like a pilot would act. If you do this, your mind will start to actually believe that you are a pilot and you will have no other choice than to live into your dream. Once you convince your mind of something, your body, spirit, and everything in you will make it become a reality. That is a unique characteristic of humans.

If You Believe…You Can Achieve
So how do you become a pilot? Start studying pilots’ behaviors, rent pilot movies, read pilot books, subscribe to pilot magazines. Make your dream become a constant reality, an everyday focus of your life. If you do this, your dream will consume you and you will be forced to achieve your goal. Also, you will greatly reduce the amount of time that it takes for you to reach your goal and start living your true purpose. Be like an actor who is about to play the part of a character in a movie. The best actors and actresses submerge themselves into the live of their character. They study their behavior and lifestyle…how they talk, walk, think, and every small detail that they can pick up. Now, if you start to change the way you think and start acting like a pilot, people may not understand, but that is OK. If you really want to be a pilot, and that is your true purpose, why should you care what others think. If you explain to them that you want to become a pilot and you are trying to do everything you can to become a pilot, they should understand. If they don’t, then they never will. Don’t waste your time trying to convince or change someone when they don’t want to change. Let your actions speak to them. If you truly live your life like a pilot and become a pilot, your actions will have a much greater affect on these people than your words ever could. Lead by an example and let your actions do your talking.

A Little Faith Can Move Mountains
Faith is one of the most powerful things in the world. A small dose can change the world. To really believe in something with a passion or energy is a secret that can bring anything you want into your life. It is called the Law of Attraction. If I focus my mind on something that I really want and believe I will have, it will be attracted to me and find me. It will enter my life and I will have it. Did you ever have a dream or think about someone, possibly a long lost friend? Then, out of the blue, within days, that friend contacts you? That is the Law of Attraction at work. Did you ever think, I want to go to Italy, and within hours, you receive an email about discount airline tickets to Rome? You know what I’m talking about, everybody does. Everyone has said “I was just thinking about that!” The Law of Attraction works for small things and big things alike. It works for good things and bad things. It only depends on what you truly believe in with focused energy. If you are always thinking and worrying about money, then you will attract money problems into your life. You will always have and continue to have money problems. But if you focus on making money and ways to make money, then you will attract ways to make money into your life. You will receive exactly what you think about. It is an amazing power, available to everyone, but very few people use it to their benefit. People like Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford used this principle throughout their lives to achieve great success and riches. You can learn about the law of attraction and how these great men used it in this book or watch it in this movie. Will you use this gift as well? Take out your purpose, write it down in big letters, hang it up, let it consume your life, and believe that you will achieve it. Soon you will attract what you believe into your life and your dream will have become your reality.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

12 REAL RICHES in Life (5 of 12)

REAL RICHES #5:Hope of Future Achievement
To achieve success and happiness, you must first want it. You need to have a desire for success and happiness to receive it. If you don’t truly want something, you won’t receive it. You need to make a definite decision as to what you want out of life. Sit down and write what is important to you. What is really important in your life? What do you want to achieve? If you never decide what you want to do in life; if you never choose a goal or direction to shoot for; you will just wander through a mediocre life. It’s like getting into a taxi and telling the driver “Just take me anywhere.” Make a goal and a destination for your life and it will become your compass. It will guide you in the direction you should be heading in life to achieve success and happiness.

How to Find Your True Purpose in Life
Sit down today and brainstorm. Write down what you really want to be or achieve in life. It may take you 20 minutes, it may take you 2 hours, but regardless, your life is worth the time to figure out your true purpose. How do you know when you come up with the correct purpose for your life? When you write it down, see it, say it, or even think about it, you will feel some sort of energy, some sort of instinct will make you definitely realize when you have the right answer.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

12 REAL RICHES in Life (4 of 12)

REAL RICHES #4:Freedom From Fear
Fear tends to stop people before they ever get started. People often let their dreams get crushed and defeated by fear. Many times, we make our own fear, or the people closest to us instill fear in us which stops us from reaching our dreams and goals. When I had a dream of going to South Korea to work and live, my family and friends told me that it was dangerous, dirty, and difficult to live a good life there. At first I started to believe them. They were putting fear in my mind and I could have easily given up my dream if I accepted the fear as being true. Instead, I decided to face the fear and do some research of my own. What I found out was that S. Korea is actually a very safe place with a low crime rate and very few, if any foreign enemies. The Korean people don’t own guns and even most of their police officers don’t carry guns. It is actually a very clean country. The Korean people take great pride in keeping their country clean and environmentally safe. When an accidental ocean oil spill occurred in 2007, it was estimated that 4% of their population volunteered their time, armed with boots and shovels, to clean up the affected areas. After coming to Korea, I found out that the people were very courteous and the standard of living is very good. It is a comfortable and convenient place to work and live.

What is the Root of Your Fear?
So before you give up your dreams because of fear, face your fear and find out the facts for yourself. Why are you really afraid to do something? If the fear you are experiencing is real and true, how can you overcome that fear or how can you make your dream a reality by finding a safer or alternative way to achieve your dream. If you have a dream that you are not shooting for because of fear, face that fear and take the first step towards achieving your dream today.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

12 REAL RICHES in Life (3 of 12)

Harmony in Human Relations
We were created to live together with others. We feed off each other. It only makes sense to get along with others around us. Being around others gives us a way to share our ideas and feelings and to grow. Why do you think prison systems use “solitary confinement?” It is punishment to be alone for extended periods of time. It is unnatural and unhealthy for most people. Therefore, we should get out there and speak with others, share your ideas and express your thoughts. This is especially true with the people closest to us: our families and friends and our spouse. At times, we may think that we don’t have anything to talk about. But at those times, you should force yourself to start asking questions.

Pretend that you are like a detective trying to find out more about what a person is feeling or how their day was. Don’t be intrusive, but make it fun and be curious. Soon the conversation will gain momentum and it will become interesting for you. It will no longer be forced. People love talking about themselves, so let them talk and try to focus on listening. You can share your ideas too, but you should make the first step toward asking questions and genuinely listening. If you don’t take the first step, nobody else will. You need to take the first step in improving your relationships with the people around you to have a better marriage, family life, new friends, and to create new business connections. Start to ask questions and actively listen to the people in your life today and watch as your relationships greatly improve.


Monday, February 2, 2009

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12 REAL RICHES in Life (2 of 12)

REAL RICHES #2:Sound Physical Health
It makes sense that we cannot help others or be positive if we don’t have energy or are not healthy. Eating healthier and involving some physical activity into our lives is a great way to keep us healthy and motivated. Write down the foods you eat on a regular week. Make a few categories: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Desserts, Drinks. Take a look at the foods you eat and if you notice something that looks unhealthy, try to substitute that food with something healthier that you like or something new that you would like to try that is healthier. You don’t need to cut down on the amount of food, just try to find a substitute for one or two unhealthy foods that you eat or drink.

Keep it Simple
Make it a simple and easy transition so that you will be more likely to stick with it. If you drink cola everyday, try to substitute the cola with a diet cola or with a juice. Substitute your pudding dessert with sugar-free pudding or with jello. Find simple and easy alternatives.

Get Moving...Even a Little Bit Counts
Exercise is also very important and you should write down how much you exercise in a regular week. If you don’t do any exercise now, start with something simple and easy. Commit yourself to do 10 push ups a day or 20 jumping jacks or walk for 10 minutes after dinner. This is simple and will become a routine habit if you do it everyday for 30 days. It’s important to start slow and let your body adjust to the changes slowly, that way you are more likely to maintain your new routine. Also, if it is easy, you will motivate yourself to do more to improve. Exercise produces natural stimulants in our body that motivate us and give us energy to accomplish things. Another great way to get exercise is to start an active hobby. Take up golf, tennis, bowling, anything that is fun for you and gets you moving. Sit down today for 20 minutes and evaluate your current diet and exercise routine today.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

How to Become Rich in Life ... 12 REAL RICHES

Do you want to be rich in life, happy and fulfilled?
This is not an infommercial or some get rich quick fluff. It is an honest and smart guide to REAL RICHES, happiness and success.

12 REAL RICHES in Life
Napoleon Hill came up with the “12 Real Riches in Life.” This is a guide that tells you about these riches in a simple way and how to practically apply and achieve them in your life. It can be used by everybody who wants to experience riches, more happiness, and success in life. If you are not familiar with Napoleon Hill, he is the author of “Think and Grow Rich.” A very famous book in which he interviewed and studied how people like Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and others achieved great success and happiness.

REAL RICHES #1: A Positive Mental Attitude

This is the 1st key to a successful and happy life. If you are positive, you will always achieve more than if you are negative. It is extremely important to be positive so that you can face challenges in life and overcome them. Everyone experiences negative thoughts. When a negative thought pops in your head, you should challenge it with a positive thought. Think of it as two small characters setting on your shoulders. One is positive and one is negative. If the negative one tells you that you can’t do something, make the positive character debate as to why you can do it or how you can do it. Never accept what the negative character says, always debate and challenge your negative thoughts. This will help you to always find the good in a situation and to figure out a way to achieve happiness and success long after others have given up because they let their negative thoughts win the debate.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

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