Wednesday, February 4, 2009

12 REAL RICHES in Life (4 of 12)

REAL RICHES #4:Freedom From Fear
Fear tends to stop people before they ever get started. People often let their dreams get crushed and defeated by fear. Many times, we make our own fear, or the people closest to us instill fear in us which stops us from reaching our dreams and goals. When I had a dream of going to South Korea to work and live, my family and friends told me that it was dangerous, dirty, and difficult to live a good life there. At first I started to believe them. They were putting fear in my mind and I could have easily given up my dream if I accepted the fear as being true. Instead, I decided to face the fear and do some research of my own. What I found out was that S. Korea is actually a very safe place with a low crime rate and very few, if any foreign enemies. The Korean people don’t own guns and even most of their police officers don’t carry guns. It is actually a very clean country. The Korean people take great pride in keeping their country clean and environmentally safe. When an accidental ocean oil spill occurred in 2007, it was estimated that 4% of their population volunteered their time, armed with boots and shovels, to clean up the affected areas. After coming to Korea, I found out that the people were very courteous and the standard of living is very good. It is a comfortable and convenient place to work and live.

What is the Root of Your Fear?
So before you give up your dreams because of fear, face your fear and find out the facts for yourself. Why are you really afraid to do something? If the fear you are experiencing is real and true, how can you overcome that fear or how can you make your dream a reality by finding a safer or alternative way to achieve your dream. If you have a dream that you are not shooting for because of fear, face that fear and take the first step towards achieving your dream today.


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