Tuesday, February 3, 2009

12 REAL RICHES in Life (3 of 12)

Harmony in Human Relations
We were created to live together with others. We feed off each other. It only makes sense to get along with others around us. Being around others gives us a way to share our ideas and feelings and to grow. Why do you think prison systems use “solitary confinement?” It is punishment to be alone for extended periods of time. It is unnatural and unhealthy for most people. Therefore, we should get out there and speak with others, share your ideas and express your thoughts. This is especially true with the people closest to us: our families and friends and our spouse. At times, we may think that we don’t have anything to talk about. But at those times, you should force yourself to start asking questions.

Pretend that you are like a detective trying to find out more about what a person is feeling or how their day was. Don’t be intrusive, but make it fun and be curious. Soon the conversation will gain momentum and it will become interesting for you. It will no longer be forced. People love talking about themselves, so let them talk and try to focus on listening. You can share your ideas too, but you should make the first step toward asking questions and genuinely listening. If you don’t take the first step, nobody else will. You need to take the first step in improving your relationships with the people around you to have a better marriage, family life, new friends, and to create new business connections. Start to ask questions and actively listen to the people in your life today and watch as your relationships greatly improve.


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