Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Increase Targeted Blog Traffic Today!

Learning how to increase targeted blog traffic today and watch it continue to increase is relatively simple if you know what you're doing. This guide will show you a few specific tips of what to do to increase Targeted Web Site traffic to your blog.

1. First things first. If you want to increase Targeted Blog Traffic to your blog, it is absolutely necessary to have content on your website. If you already have content on your web site, you can move ahead to step 2. If you have no content, you will need to write 3-5 articles related to your website or blog. Short articles are fine, they only need to be around 250 words or more. At first, you just want some content posted. You don't have to make it perfect, you can always go back later and add to or edit your content. It's key to get some info posted so that Google will index your website or blog and give you a good page rank. Make sure your articles are relevant to your blog's subject. To find new article ideas, visit:
and enter your blog subject into the search box. Several related articles should come up. DO NOT COPY these articles, only use them for ideas, and write new articles in your own words. Just browse the article, and write 3 or 4 small paragraphs to summarize what you just read.

2. After you have some unique articles already written, you can begin to increase blog traffic. Go to:

It's free to sign up. Here you will submit your content, article by article to Bukisa. This site has many benefits for your blog. It can increase your blog traffic within 24 hours, automatically. Your blog's traffic will continue to increase. You will get paid every time someone looks at your article, and you will establish several important backlinks to your blog. This will accelerate your page ranking on Yahoo and Google search engines.

3. After you sign up, go to:
"Submit Content"

You are able to submit articles, slides, videos, and audio from your website. You can earn extra money for all of this content you submit. Every time someone views your content, you will earn money. Make sure to add appropriate keywords and tags to your articles and content, so people can find your content.

4. At the end of your content, make sure to add a back link to your blog. For every articles and content that you submit with a back link to your blog, it will bring more traffic to your blog. It will also accelerate your page ranking on Google and Yahoo. The more relevant back links you have, the better it is to increase blog traffic. Bukisa ranks very high on Google page rank, as a result, if you have many of links from there linking back to your blog, Google will understand this and begin to bump up your Google page ranking. For example, it could easily move up your page rank on the search results from page 4 or 5 up to page 1. By moving your blog page rank from page 4 to page 1 could immediately begin to increase your blog traffic by thousands of new clicks.

Some people may ask: "Is Bukisa open to non-US residents?"
It's one of the few websites where you can make money as a non US resident and also increase website traffic to your blog or web site.

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